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The Climate Tech Hub is a dynamic and innovative network committed to addressing the most pressing environmental challenges of our time, with a primary focus on renewable energy solutions. We believe in the power of technology and innovation to combat climate change.

We are dedicated to positioning Berlin and Brandenburg as the global epicenter of climate tech innovation and committed to drive positive change on an international scale.

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Leaders in climate tech, sustainability, and eco-friendly solutions.



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Connect through our exclusive community and networking events, which include a Slack channel and our Breakfast Club gatherings, where you can interact with like-minded individuals and stay updated on the latest developments.



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Engage through a variety of activities, including regular live events, insightful talks, interactive roundtables, and the opportunity to be a speaker at our Urban Innovation Forum in 2024.



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Industry News

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Advice & Expert Access

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Meet the Team

Fostering innovation and collaboration in climate technology.

Sebastian Ulm

Head of Urban Innovation


Sebastian built Urban Innovation, a project of the Climate Tech Hub, and has led it since 2021. His career in business development has included working as a consultant on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, for the German Energy Solutions Initiative and the Ministry's market entry program at eclareon GmbH, as well as working at the German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Jakarta. With many years of experience in international cooperation around the globe, Sebastian builds strong networks between ecosystems to foster exchange and innovation.

Nicole Hiltl

Managing Director of the Climate Tech Hub


Nicole is the Managing Director of Climate Tech Hub e.V., her primary aim is to foster collaboration by bringing together diverse stakeholders in the field of climate technology. Nicole is committed to building a robust community that transcends boundaries and focuses on collective efforts to tackle the most pressing challenges in the energy transition space.
Prior experiences include steering projects for the former Ministry of Transport, Construction and Urban Development, contributing to the intersection of energy-efficient housing and urban mobility.

Carlotta Krone-Danhier

Project Manager at Urban Innovation


Carlotta works as a Project Manager for Urban Innovation at the Climate Tech Hub, dedicated to promoting cooperation and supporting innovative solutions in urban environments. Prior to her role at the Climate Tech Hub, Carlotta worked at the Startup betteries, sharpening her skills in the mobility and energy sector. With a strong background in fostering innovation and building business ecosystems, Carlotta is dedicated to creating impactful solutions for urban communities.

Finja König

Project Assistant at Climate Tech Hub


Finja operates as Project Assistant and takes responsibility for any marketing activities of the Climate Tech Hub. Before joining the Urban Innovation project, she contributed to the business development of the Los Angeles-based sustainable packaging startup, ReCIRC. Leveraging her solid foundation in international management, Finja is committed to utilizing global perspectives to inspire positive changes in business practices and foster innovation for a sustainable future.

Viola Ferber

Intern at the Climate Tech Hub


In her role at the Climate Tech Hub, Viola assists the team with their daily tasks as an intern. Passionate about sustainability and new innovations, she has previously contributed to this field through active engagement in a student organization focused on sustainability and emerging innovations. Pursuing an internationally oriented study program, Viola finds the global connections of sustainability topics particularly intriguing.


Leaders in renewable energy, sustainability, and eco-friendly solutions.


Christoph Urbschat

Chairman of the Board

Managing Director at eclareon GmbH

Margarete von Oppen

Board Member

Partner at Law Firm Orth Kluth